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Our Story
We are a husband/wife wedding and lifestyle photography team! We are based out of Newark, Delaware. We met in 2005 in the back of an ambulance (Chris is also a paramedic and Kaci an ER nurse), a couple of years later we were married and now we are blessed with 3 beautiful children and a lazy basset hound named Pickles. 
The reason why we fell in love with photography is that it makes us see the world rather than just looking at it. It asks us to slow down and appreciate what we have in life. And there are few things more precious in life then a cherished memory. Photography is one way of keeping that memory close to our heart. We shape our portraits with that in mind. Our goal is to create photos that are beautiful and revealing while the documentary part of our work is hands off allowing the situations to shape the images thus creating truthful images full of real moments.
We want our clients to be at ease because the best photos happen when people feel free to be themselves! With every client uniquely different from the next we strive to know each one personally to create a shoot that reveals who they are.

- Chris and Kaci